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The wound is where the light enters.  I learned early in life what it meant to suffer. Coping with a neurological condition, school bullying, painful family dynamics, and a range of physiological conditions, have led me on a lifelong journey of finding peace

within chaos.


Naturally, I became a highly feeling-oriented person, who relied on my sensitivity and intuitive function to guide me through my suffering, and to create meaningful connections.  The most meaningful connection is the one we have with ourselves.  I’ve developed a deep and rich inner relationship, that I continue to harvest and grow. This inner relationship was a gift offered to me -- one which I would like to offer to you. As Rumi says, “You are the fruit, as well as the tree it grows on.” 


I like to challenge the idea that you are lacking something that I possess.  We are all human, and it is important that I make known my own fallibility from the beginning of our therapeutic relationship. In this way, I am not here as someone more enlightened, but rather someone who may be of assistance on your road to becoming a more conscious individual, seeking to be seen and feel empowered.


 One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you, you still have chaos in yourself.




Balance is key.  You are a unique individual and deserve a unique approach to your particular psyche.  I use an integrative approach, drawing from a wide range of psychological principles and orientations, bringing in each as needed.  First and foremost is holding space and empathy for your life experience.  What is the weight you are carrying in this moment and lifetime?  I really want to make space for your story, and truly see you in your struggle. People tell me that I offer a warmth and tenderness that makes them feel safe to share their deepest feelings and memories without feeling judged.


At times I like to focus on your unconscious life.  We will aim to unroot/make conscious whatever is causing you distress deep inside.  We may focus on the experience in your body.  We will explore your early childhood experiences and how they live with you today. We will also focus on how you communicate, as much discomfort can stem from a difficulty in locating and articulating your own personal truth. Underlying all of our work together is a basic respect and appreciation for the moment we share in the room, where you’ve entrusted me with what is sacred for you.




My work is honest and direct. I will gently challenge you to see parts of yourself and your behaviors that you may not be aware of. I feel that much of our own suffering stem from the systemic issues in our world. As we work together, I will almost always gently bring you back to a place that allows you to take responsibility in the areas of your life you feel stuck. In my experience, the road to empowerment is through awareness of our own shadows. In this way we feel less like the victims in our story, even when the world is being unkind to us. These are not always fun things to acknowledge, and you may meet them with some resistance. But the result of such work has the potential to leave you feeling more free in your mind & body, and how and where you store your tension.



Marriage & Family Therapist
practicing psychotherapy with humans of all ages
Tel: 310.560.2222
located in West LA
Graduated from Antioch University in Los Angeles
License Number: MFC 104017
Avg. cost per session: $180
(cash, credit card & check accepted)

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